Ms. Polly’s Specialty Cakes and Desserts started around 28 years ago when, as a young wife and mother, Polly decided to be a full time mother and homemaker. And yet, she never wanted to be totally dependent on her husband financially. So she had to think of what it was she could do from home that would allow her to earn money, at least for her own personal needs.

Baking was something she had always enjoyed even as a child. Her mother and sister were good bakers and, as a little girl, she would spend much time watching them whip up all sorts of goodies in their kitchen. And when she’d come home from school in the afternoon and the house was smelling of Fruitcake, that was a sure signal that the Holiday Season was at hand. Her Mom was famous for the Fruitcakes she’d bake for friends at Christmas time. And so, it was not surprising that Ms. Polly’s started out with the seasonal Fruitcakes and Prune Bars. Eventually, other products were added to the line and that it became a year-round enterprise.

Her Chocolate Cake fast became popular among friends and then later on, among friends of friends. Today, it continues to be enjoyed by loyal customers, some of whom say they have been having it from way back when they were children!

The consistent quality would pay-off as recent years have brought Ms. Polly’s recognition: it has been voted one of the 10 Best Desserts by Food Magazine in June 2005; it has been listed as one of the 20 Yummiest Commercially Baked Cakes by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle Section, 2008; and again, chosen to be one of the 24 Best Desserts by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle Section, 2009.

Indeed, over the years, Ms. Polly’s Chocolate cake has become part of family traditions, is being brought to relatives overseas, and has become part of Christmas Noche Buenas, birthdays and all kinds of get-togethers.

And while Ms. Polly’s is widely known for its Chocolate Cake, the big surprise might be that it also has a whole line-up of other yummy desserts.

Visit its website at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ms-Pollys-Specialty-Cakes-and-Desserts/123211548036 or call them at 824-7612 or 4014588.
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